Manning Family Wellness

We are passionate about helping you achieve optimal well-being through a holistic approach to health and wellness!

We believe healthy living is something that everyone should not just show in an interest towards, but should make a COMMITMENT to developing. Thus, shortly after our marriage, we started Manning Family Wellness to help others like ourselves make a Commitment To Healthy Living™. We like to say that this is not a corporate slogan, it's our way of life.

How are we able to help you make that commitment?

We put our combined 40 plus years of experience living out our own commitment to health, wellness, and fitness together with a huge amount of personal passion and integrity, and solidify it with a true love for the well being of each and every one of our clients.

At Manning Family Wellness we believe that optimal wellness requires a holistic approach that covers eight major categories of personal care. Everyone is unique and we can help you identify which area of personal care would be best to tackle first to move you closer to health and wellbeing.

Our Personal Care Polygon™, pictured below, shows the eight categories of personal care. While not an exhaustive picture of wellness, we have found it to be very effective in targeting our recommendations as we work with people just like you!

Personal Care Polygon